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krishan щ(ಠಠщ)

kris helping luhan to stand up for the formation [stellajoo]

make me choose one: b1a4 or bts? asked by hayounga


Jongin’s face when signing a poster.

chanyeol sticking hearts onto other members

ravi photoset.

↳ requested by ravknees.


 3/100 things I love about Sehun → His beautiful signature
How Kris’ life as an artist began…
kyungsoo’s face when the claw machine wouldn’t cooperate with him

jealous 'Heechul is Mad'

leo smiling at his little fan ;u; 


GO BAP Cam: Jaejae and B.A.P arriving in L.A. ( look at the girls reaction in the third gif lols I'd do the same.)